Treatment for Kidney Disease, Kidney Failure & More

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As a comprehensive kidney care center, Carolina Kidney Care offers a variety of treatment services for our patients. Our nephrologists make it their priority to provide our patients with the information, treatment and support they need throughout each stage of treatment.

The majority of our treatment options are offered in-house, meaning it’s not necessary for our patients to go to another facility or hospital for their treatment. Carolina Kidney Care’s twelve nephrologists and knowledgeable staff provide all the treatment needed from our care centers in Southeastern North Carolina.

Fayetteville & Lumberton Renal Care Treatments Provided at Carolina Kidney Care

The nephrologists at Carolina Kidney Care provide the best kidney care throughout the entire process — diagnosis, treatments, recovery and beyond. Read more about the kidney disease treatments offered at our fully staffed offices in Fayetteville and Lumberton:

Interventional Nephrology

Interventional Nephrologists have been trained to perform a variety of procedures, which traditionally have been performed by other specialists. Prior to interventional nephrology, patients may have experienced possible delays in treatment and or diagnosis. Interventional nephrology has helped to streamline the treatment process by shortening delays between procedures and improving the quality of patient care. In addition to general nephrology services, Interventional Nephrologists perform procedures such as ultrasonography, hemodialysis catheter placement, declotting, stenting, fluoroscopy (alone or with angioplasty) and more.

In-House Ultrasound

Carolina Kidney Care offers a variety of diagnostic exams using top-quality ultrasound equipment. Our experienced sonographer performs renal ultrasound studies which may include venous mapping, carotid dopplers, hemodialysis access and more.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Our nephrologists specialize in CKD, providing leading care in all five stages of kidney disease. A patient will primarily receive care from one physician, but may see several doctors during certain stages throughout treatment.

Acute Kidney Failure

When a patient’s kidneys suddenly fail, even over a few hours or days, nephrologists act fast to reverse kidney failure. The nephrologists at Carolina Kidney Care understand the importance of providing quality care to acute kidney disease patients.


Anemia is common for patients with kidney disease, as the diseased kidney doesn’t create enough erythropoietin (EPO) to produce a healthy number of red blood cells. Carolina Kidney Care has an injection clinic at both the Fayetteville and Lumberton offices to administer Iron and EPO in order to correct anemia in a convenient and timely manner.

Other Renal Procedures Offered

Other procedures carried out at our Nephrology Procedure Center include:

  • Thrombolysis with angioplasty
  • Fluoroscopy alone or with angioplasty
  • Placement of cuffed and non-cuffed catheters
  • Removal of cuffed catheters