Kidney Disease Treatment & Services

The services we offer at Carolina Kidney Care are provided by a leading team of nephrologists, physician assistants and nurse practitioners who are highly trained and experienced in the treatment of chronic kidney disease.

Listed below are just a few of our in-house services offered at our Fayetteville location:

Doctor does a blood pressure test on the arm

  • Treatment for all stages of kidney disease
  • Chronic kidney disease specialization
  • Blood pressure management
  • Laboratory services
  • In-house ultrasound
  • Interventional nephrology
  • And more

Between our offices in Fayetteville and Lumberton, our practice is staffed with twelve nephrologists, along with a team of physician assistants and nurse practitioners who understand the best treatments for your kidney conditions. Our treatment process may involve more than one provider for each case, depending on the stage of kidney disease and each patient’s needs — we see this as the best way to utilize our doctors’ specializations and provide the most effective healthcare possible for our patients.

Dialysis and Ongoing Care

At Carolina Kidney Care, we know that your treatment doesn’t end when you leave our office. That’s why our providers travel in rotation to satellite offices, and they also oversee patient care at a variety of dialysis centers throughout the area. Our doctors not only will admit you to your dialysis location of choice, but also will follow you through your course of treatment along the way.

Nephrology Procedure Center

The Nephrology Procedure Center, located at our fully staffed Fayetteville office, provides patients with comprehensive, in-house kidney care.

The Nephrology Procedure Center is staffed with two nephrology interventionists, Dr. Mark Kasari and Dr. Yuan Lu, as well as experienced nurses, a radiologic technician, a sonographer, lab technicians and a phlebotomist. We carry out several different procedures that have resulted in high success rates for our patients. Referrals to both surgeons and radiologists emphasize the role of the Kidney Care Procedure Center as part of an integrative system of vascular access care.